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MIKONA for 30 years!


MIKONA has come a long way in 30 years.

From a small company built on a green field, it has grown to become the strongest player on the Slovak tyre market and the largest network of tyre shops and tyre service centres in Slovakia. Its beginnings in 1992 are connected with the village of Lúky pod Makytou, where the company MIKON was founded and a little later also its sister company MIKONA.

The company had to show its resilience the very next year when a massive fire engulfed its tyre warehouse and left huge material damage. Despite this, the company continued to grow and pursue its vision by expanding its retail outlets and new partnerships.

Among the most important of these is the association with the BARUM, CONTINENTAL and MITAS brands, which dates back to 1992. In 1995, Barum Continental Slovakia was established as a partnership project between Continental and MIKONA. With the growth of the company soon came the first relocation of the headquarters and warehouses to the village of Pruská in 1997. More retail outlets were added, the company grew stronger every year and MIKONA made its mark in history with thefamous MIKONA RALLY Bratislava car race. During the three series between 2000 and 2003, the race was promoted to the FIA European Championship and the domestic MIKONA crews have won up to 4 Slovak championship titles during the history of the race. The company has continued to grow and in 2006 the company changed its headquarters five times, this time permanently. It builds a modern headquarters and a large industrial park with the largest tyre warehouse in Slovakia until then, right in Puchov.

Today MIKONA has a market share of about 20% in the tyre segment, the largest network of shops and tyre service centres in Slovakia and thousands of satisfied customers. In its logistics park in Puchov there is also the largest commercial tyre warehouse in Slovakia, whose size significantly exceeds that of other retailers. Our business activities also extend to other areas and neighbouring countries. Since 2004, MIKONA has also been an importer of the SUBARU brand in Slovakia. A year later, after the acquisition in the Czech Republic, Mikona also starts a subsidiary Mikona Auto, which is responsible for the sales and service of OPEL vehicles. In 2005, it further strengthens the automotive division in Slovakia with two SUZUKI dealerships, first in Bratislava and later in Martin.

In the crisis year 2009, the company diversifies its activities to an even bolder extent and expands beyond the automotive business. The tourism sector is added to the portfolio of activities in the form of an investment in a stake in the Kohútka ski resort on the Czech-Slovak border. This trend continues in the coming year with the establishment of the Mikona Energetika division, which includes two photovoltaic power plants. In 2013, it also begins to fulfil its philanthropic goals and, through the non-profit organisation HUBERTUS n. o., operates two social service centres for the elderly in Trenčianske Teplice and Púchov.
During its operation, the company has also won the prestigious Slovak Business Superbrands Award several times in a row in2016-2017, which is a recognition of the special position of the brand on the Slovak market and its contribution to the development of business in Slovakia. Today, MIKONA represents almost all tyre brands. The key partners BARUM, CONTINENTAL and MITAS have been joined over the years by others such as HANKOOK, MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, PIRELLI, BRIDGESTONE and many others.
In addition to the brick-and-mortar stores, since 2014 the company has also been offering its products and services via its e-shop at MIKONA is still growing and expanding its activities. Since 2018, the time of new investments and acquisitions is coming, which should bring further development of the company not only in Slovakia but also in the surrounding markets, especially in the Czech Republic and Hungary. In the Czech Republic, MIKONA sells tyres through its own e-shop.
The company's latest major projects include the construction of a large logistics park in Bratislava on Vajnorská Street with an area of 48,811 m2. It currently houses not only MIKONA's passenger and truck tyre service, but also a new SUBARU showroom, which has moved into the premises of the historic former heating plant. One of the company's biggest acquisitions comes symbolically in the year of the 30th anniversary of the company's foundation. It is the takeover of a larger part of the BestDrive franchise network in Slovakia, and thus 17 BestDrive tyre and car service outlets are added to the existing 27 own and 11 partner MIKONA outlets. In total, MIKONA now provides its services through 55 tyre shops and tyre service centres in Slovakia , thus definitively confirming its position as the number one and strongest player in the Slovak market in the tyre business.

We still have many goals and visions ahead of us. We are a progressive and stable company with a desire for development in our DNA.

We believe that we will achieve all the milestones in the future thanks to you - our clients and partners.


Company history

1992 Founding of MIKON and MIKONA. First big clients are Tatra and Liaz.
1993 A massive fire in a tyre warehouse did not stop the company. Opening of branches in Stupava and Prešov.
1994 More retail outlets. Beginning of cooperation with Barum Continental.
1995 Import of Continental products to Slovakia. Establishment of Barum Slovakia s.r.o., a joint company of Mikona and Barum Continental. First shop in Bratislava.
1997 Moving of the company from Lúk pod Makytou to Pruské.
2000 Marketing promotion through the MIKONA RALLY BRATISLAVA race continues for the next two years, the Mikona crew wins four titles of the Slovak Republic Champion.
2002 Change of logo and communication. Opening of the largest tyre service centre in Bratislava, known as MIKONA Dom pneumatík.
2003 MIKONA expands its production programme.
2004 Beginning of import of SUBARU brand to Slovakia. ISO 9001 certification for MIKONA, MIKONA receives RW TÜV certification.
2005 Sales of SUZUKI brand in Bratislava begin . Establishment of MIKONA AUTO in the Czech Republic - sales and service of the OPEL brand.
2006 Opening of authorized SUBARU service in Bratislava. Relocation of the headquarters to the Industrial Park in Puchov, where a central large-capacity warehouse is established.
2008 Start of SUZUKI sales in Martin.
2009 Start of the tourism division. Establishment of the KOHÚTKA SKI CENTRE.
2010 Establishment of MIKONA ENERGETIKA division. Operation of two photovoltaic power plants.
2012 20th anniversary of MIKONA.
2013 MIKONA launched the MIKONA Fair Play philosophy programme, a set of 14 rules that testify to the company's seriousness.
2014 Launch of the e-shop with a wide range of tyres and a convenient online booking system for servicing.
2015 Opening of the first ever renovated tyre service centre in Bratislava on Račianska Street with a comprehensive range of services.
2016 MIKONA as an importer of SUBARU vehicles received the NEW SALES RECORD AWARD from the vehicle manufacturer SUBARU CORPORATION and also the SALES AWARD among SUBARU importers in Europe.
2016-2017 MIKONA receives the prestigious Slovak Business Superbrands Award two years in a row, which is a recognition of the special position of the brand on the Slovak market and its contribution to the development of business in Slovakia.
2017 25th anniversary of MIKONA.
MIKONA as an importer of SUBARU vehicles once again defended the award for a new sales record and the third highest year-on-year sales growth within Europe. Within the global ranking, it maintained its position in the top 10 SUBARU importers with the highest sales growth.
2018 The start of significant investments to further develop and grow the company in Slovakia and surrounding markets. MIKONA was awarded the AAA certificate in the assessment of the highest credibility of the company's creditworthiness according to the Bisnode model.
2019 MIKONA as an importer of SUBARU vehicles receives the NEW SALES RECORD AWARD for the third time in a row .
Opening of MIKONA retail store in Žilina.
2020 SUBARU enters electrification. Launch of new hybrid models: FORESTER, IMPREZA and SUBARU XV e-BOXER.
2021 Opening of the new MIKONA logistics park of 48,811 m2 at 129 Vajnorska Street in Bratislava, with the largest tyre service and tyre warehouse in Slovakia.
Opening of a new SUBARU showroom and service centre at 129 Vajnorska Street in Bratislava.
2022 30th anniversary of MIKONA
Takeover of 17 BEST DRIVE outlets.

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